Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the Final Debate, Romney Looked Presidential while Obama Just Looked Angry

I thought Romney acted brilliantly last night.  If he attacked Obama too much for his policies, he would have looked rather un-Presidential and petty and would have been painted as a warmonger by the President in the debate and the press afterwards.  Instead, he was able to blunt just about all of Obama's prepared attacks by simply not attacking as the Democrats expected him to.  You could see at the beginning that Obama looked a little lost because of this and so he tried to get in his prepared digs anyway.  Unfortunately, it just came across as mean.  It's one thing to attack after someone attacks you, he seemed to go off unprovoked and highlighted the fact that he really has no plan for the next four years, that his entire re-election strategy is to vilify Romney.  Romney was right when he said, "attacking me is not an agenda". 

And what is up with the looks that Obama gives Romney?  You would have thought that by the third debate he would have found a pleasant face to make while his opponent is talking.  Instead it was this intense glaring like he was trying to make Romney burst into flames through the power of his thoughts.  That or he did too much PCP.  As others have said, it was Romney who looked like the incumbent President while Obama looked like the desperate challenger.  I just can't imagine any undecideds going for Obama after that performance.  He was unable to paint Romney as a warmonger and was unable to present some vision of the future.  For Romney, on the other hand, if any voters were undecided about him strictly because they were worried that he would bring back cowboy diplomacy, their fears would have been allayed last night and they would go for Romney going forward.  Romney was also able to negate all those Obama funded negative ads as they just don't match what people see with their own eyes.

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