Monday, October 8, 2012

"I was already voting against Obama. Now, though, I’m voting for Romney"

That quote, from Andrew McCarthy's great piece, epitomizes what Romney was able to achieve through his debate performance last Wednesday.  Many of us would have voted for whomever was in opposition to Obama short of Satanhood as long as they promised to take America at least a little bit more to the right.  However, after Wednesday, many are now excited to actually vote FOR Romney.  He is a competent, reasonable and decent man, the kind you actually believe deserves to be President.  As Andrew McCarthy put it:

Whatever you may think of the former Massachusetts governor's politics, there should never have been any hesitation about Romney the man. This is a bright, self-made man, one whose public and private philanthropy, which puts most of us to shame, should be legendary. It is not. That's because his good works weren't done to burnish his political credentials and his decency discourages their exploitation toward that end. You don't have to agree with Romney on everything to see that he is a mensch. He obviously loves the America that is — the land of opportunity that has rewarded his work ethic. Like most of us, he wants that America preserved, not "fundamentally transformed."

That is the Romney who was on display and that is the Romney that is going to be elected come election day.  No, it's obviously not a done deal but if he can continue to be attractive to the center while at the same time excite the base, it will be.

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