Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carney: Just Because the IRS Admitted to Wrongdoing Doesn't Mean They Did Anything Wrong

Today's White House press conference was something to behold.  The White House Press Secretary didn't make sense a lot of time.  For example, he kept saying that the President believes in the unfettered first amendment rights of the media but that it needs to be "balanced" with national security concerns.  I don't see how something can be unfettered and then essentially "fettered" due to national security concerns at the same time.  Then there is this nugget of an exchange where a reporter asks why they keep saying "if these activities had taken place" when the IRS admitted that these activities had taken place:

AP REPORTER: If I could then goo back to the IRS issue, the president did use the word 'if these activities had taken place,' but there has been an acknowledgement on the part of the IRS leadership that these things did indeed occur. I wondered why the president used that phrasing in claiming that it was outrageous?

CARNEY:  Those from the IRS that have spoken about this obviously have much greater insight into what took place than we do. We have not seen the report. We have not independently collected information about what transpired. We need the independent inspector general's report to be released before we can make judgments. One person's view of what actions were taken or what that individual did is not enough for us to say something concretely happened that was innapropriate.

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