Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The GOP Establishment Turns Its Guns on Mark Sanford

It's amazing how the GOP establishment always seems more keen on going after Republicans than it does Democrats.  First, the National Republican Congressional Committee withdrew its support after allegations that Mark Sanford "trespassed" at his wife's home (he went there to watch the Super Bowl with his 14 year old son, who was alone).  Now, Jonathan Tobin, editor of Commentary Magazine, writes a piece on how it would be better for the GOP if Sanford loses.  Here are some excerpts:

First and perhaps most obviously, Sanford's regaining of his old seat in the House will mean that he will be going to Washington next week rather than sinking back into the political oblivion that he so richly deserves.


A loss tomorrow is probably the only way a national Republican Party that wants nothing more than to never hear his name again can be rid of Sanford. Once re-elected to that seat it will be difficult to dislodge him from it, meaning that he will be a permanent embarrassment rather than just a nightmare they can wake up from. His defeat will mean the much desired end of his political career and allow the party to regain the seat next time around with someone who won't hurt other Republicans by his mere presence on the House floor and in the studios of the cable news networks.

And what was his crime that deserves "political oblivion"?  Was he a bad Governor?  The Cato Institute gave him an A and the highest score of any Governor in the United States in their 2010 Fiscal Policy Report Card.

Mark Sanford of South Carolina has been a staunch supporter of spending restraint and pro-growth tax reforms. In 2005, he cut the top income tax rate for small businesses from 7 percent to 5 percent, and in 2007 he signed into law sales and income tax cuts. Sanford has proposed replacing the state's income tax with a flat tax, and he has urged legislators to adopt a legal cap on the state's budget growth. He has also proposed phasing out the state's corporate income tax. On spending, Sanford's budgets have been very frugal. In fiscal 2010, South Carolina's general fund spending was expected to be slightly less than spending in Sanford's first year in office, fiscal 2003. 

He sounds like a principled Republican who actually does what he says he will do once in office, making him better than 90% of his fellow Republican Governors.  God forbid a politician who keeps his promises to voters!

Well then, it must be something personal.  He must have driven drunk, been involved with in a car crash which killed a secretary and then fled the scene without phoning police.Or maybe had a string of affairs and other improprieties, including with interns, throwing away women like Kleenex.  No, apparently he had an affair with a woman, got divorced and now is planning to marry the woman he had an affair with.  Oooooooh.  I'm sure those negative ads will be powerful.  How dare he fall in love with someone else!  And watch the Super Bowl with his son!  I really don't think that will be that effective.

Also, lost in all of these attacks by Republicans is the question "will he be a good Congressman"?  Based on his exemplary record as Governor, he will be and that should be all that matters. Let's hope he wins today.

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