Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fiorina is #2 and Walker at 0% in latest CNN National Poll

I don't think things have settled yet but so far Fiorina looks like she has vaulted up to #2 in the latest CNN national poll.  Based on the numbers though her support looks like it has come mainly from the other "outsiders", Trump and Carson, since the last CNN poll (the "outsider" total went from 54% last poll to 53% this time).  Shockingly, Scott Walker is at 0% after another disappointing debate outing.  Looks like he may be the Tim Pawlenty of this cycle (another upper midwesterner who I supported early last cycle but flamed out, maybe they are too nice/understated?). Finally, Rubio has recovered nicely and is now in fourth place after a good debate outing.  I think the GOP could do much worse than a Fiorina/Rubio or Rubio/Fiorina ticket and I can't imagine a pairing that would have the Democrats more afraid.


  1. Fiorina looks unbeatable on stage. She cannot be taken down ot palinisided. She is super smart.

    1. Agree I think it will be very tough to beat her in a debate. Im really looking forward to the field getting smaller so she can have more time to make a case