Friday, September 25, 2015

Some interesting information from the CNN/WMUR poll in NH

The latest CNN/WMUR poll asks a lot of the usual questions, but also asks some questions that aren't frequently asked.  One is which candidate would you never vote for under any circumstance.  So I took that data and subtracted it from the data on which candidate is your first choice.  I figure you want to be as positive as possible in this as having a lot of haters creates a low ceiling.  So let's see what we have:

So as you can see, Fiorina is actually doing pretty well, she has the second largest percentage of voters who say she is their first choice but then only 1% would never ever vote for her.  Rubio is also doing well as he is #3 in the poll and has nobody who says they would never vote for him (he really is in that magical place where the conservative activists like the Club for Growth can be firmly behind him but then also not scare the establishment).  Of course Trump is in the lead in both categories, leaving him with minimal net support.  JEB is really not doing well as he is firmly in the negative camp.  I think if the race ends up boiling down to Fiorina vs. Rubio vs. Kasich, we will have a pretty interesting primary season and the story will move on from Trump insults.

What about Carson you ask?  Doesn't he have high net favorables all across the country?  He is really not someone I want representing me or the Republican Party.  Tell me again why a Muslim can't be President?  Is he saying there are NO good Muslims out there at all?  Look, I am not a fan of radical Islam and am worried about the Muslim Brotherhood in this country but as the song Ebony and Ivory goes, there is good and bad in everyone.  He also claimed Satan influenced Darwin's theory of evolution.  Really?  Give me a break.  We can't have someone who says such things as the standard bearer of our party. 

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