Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm Sick of Having to Choose Between a Candidate Who Will Be a Bad President and One Who Will Be a Horrible President

If the GOP nominates Mitt Romney, once again we are going to have to choose between someone who will be a bad President (Romney) and one who will be a horrible one (Obama). Like the Nixon-McGovern choice 40 years ago, we pretty much lose either way. Government is going to get bigger, the economy is going to be even more regulated, individual liberty will be curtailed and America's prospects will get darker. Is the choice of the architect of Romneycare versus the architect of Obamacare the best we can manage?

As I've mentioned before, I'm sitting this one out if Romney is the nominee (though I will still point out Obama's many failings). I'm just so sick of the GOP establishment telling me it has to be Dole or W or McCain and to have to choose between the lesser of two evils. This is how you end up with the choices that the Europeans face every election. You get the choice between radical socialist parties and moderate socialist parties and that is it. Sometimes they throw in a nice fascist party to mix it up.

Well, I am through choosing evil, lesser or otherwise. I think Newt will be a great President, Santorum & Perry will both be good as well. Even Huntsman will probably do a pretty decent job (Huntsman, a conservative running as a moderate, seems to be the exact opposite of Romney, a moderate who is pretending to be conservative).

Luckily, there is hope. If you look at the latest polls in South Carolina, Newt is on the rise again and if he is able to get enough votes from Santorum and Perry, he could just pull an upset and defeat Romney is South Carolina. At that point everything changes. Since no GOP candidate has ever won the nomination without winning South Carolina, that victory will negate Romney's victories in Iowa and New Hampshire. Also, I think there is a good chance that Perry and Santorum would drop out at this point and hopefully will also endorse Newt (a Sarah Palin endorsement wouldn't hurt either).

The South Carolina primary is a week away so this is all just wishful thinking at this point (a week seems to be an eternity this election cycle, so much can change). But there is hope that we might actually be able to have a real choice, between someone who will be a great President and someone who will continue destroying the Republic.

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