Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Style over Substance

In all the polls I have seen, there are a substantial number of self-described conservatives who are saying that Romney is their man.  From an actual policy point of view, this makes no sense.  He is weaker than Newt on fiscal policy, he is weaker on monetary policy, he is weaker on foreign policy and he is weaker on social policy.  The only reason a conservative would want to vote for him is because they are valuing style over substance, for how he looks and how he behaves instead of what he would actually do as President.  Basically, instead of voting for the man himself they are voting for his finishing school.  If Romney were overweight and had a temper with the record that he has, he would probably be polling at 5% and may have already dropped out.  Conversely, if Newt had a privileged upringing with all the right manners, he would probably be polling at 60%, with no change in any policy positions. 

We are a nation with major problems that need a real leader, we aren't selling pants. I just hope enough conservatives wake up to that fact before it is too late.

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