Friday, August 17, 2012

It Seems to Be Racist To Criticize Obama or His Policies

I know that for a long time the left has resorted to simply calling many conservatives racist rather than actually discuss policy differences.  It's an easy ad hominem attack and from their point of view it's easier than actually having to defend their views calmly and logically (especially since many of their views have no logic beyond "won't somebody please think of the children!" [you can also insert poor or minorities for children]).  But it's really becoming way overused when Obama is being criticized.  Let's look at some recent examples:

  • On Thursday, August 16th, Toure a co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC said that Romney is engaging in the "niggerization" of the campaign.  Romney's crime?  Saying that Obama should "take his campaign of division and and anger and hate back to Chicago."  Apparently, if you call Obama "angry" you are using "code" to refer to Obama as an angry black man.  So if he is angry, are you supposed to say that he is "perturbed" instead?  Oh wait, that's just code for angry which is then code for angry black man.  Crap.  All joking aside, it's pretty clear that Romney is simply referring to the campaign and/or its affiliates alleging that Romney made a woman die of cancer and didn't care as well as Obama's recent "business owners think they're so smart comments".  And it's not like he said he should go back to Kenya or Indonesia or something.  Aren't you allowed to tell Obama he should go back to Chicago?  I'm pretty sure nobody would bat an eye if he told Romney to go back to Boston.
  • Just about a week before that instance, Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive has an article titled "Romney Goes Racist on Welfare".  What was Romney's crime this time?  Criticizing Obama for waiving legally unwaivable provisions in the welfare reform law.  See, according to Rothschild, Romney is only bringing up this issue " to appeal to white working class voters who can be swayed by not-so-subtle racist innuendo."  What's great is that Rotchschild doesn't provide a single quote of Romney's to prove his racism, just the general criticism of the President's welfare waiver policy is enough apparently.  Personally I think it's racist of Rothschild for using code to allude to the fact that black people are recipients of welfare and that white working class people are stupid.
  • Chris Matthews went even further on the same issue, too far many would say, as he usually does.  Apparently criticizing the welfare policy channels images of  "welfare queens and young bucks waiting in line with their food stamps to get vodka."  WTF?  I think there is an inner racist inside Chris Matthews.  Who refers to African American men as "young bucks"?  Also, who knew "young bucks" had a penchant for vodka?  He continues by saying  "and the implication here is pretty clear that the people that are getting these welfare checks without working are not white people."  
  • Even the site of Romney's announcement of Paul Ryan as his VP is also racist according to Earl Hutchinson of Care2.  I guess you aren't allowed to even hold big campaign announcements south of the Mason Dixon anymore without someone referring to your "Southern Strategy".  Hutchinson writes "the virtually lily-white audience cheered as Romney and Ryan punched the same familiar code themes: out of control spend thrift, bloated government."  It's also racist to call a government "big" and refer to that negatively though I would think the obese should probably take more obvious offense at that right?  Anyway, if Hutchinson did his homework, he would know the announcement was made in front of the USS Wisconsin, which is the state Ryan was from.  If he had done it in the actual state, and people knew his travel plans, well that would pretty much give away the identity of the surprise pick now wouldn't it.  Also Hutchinson misses the important of Norfolk, VA as a city.  It's our major naval base on the east coast and Romney has made a point of talking about the need to improve funding for our military, especially our Navy.  Sure Romney could have picked another spot but what would have been the significance of announcing Ryan in Fall River, Massachusetts in front of the USS Massachusetts?  And one more thing, how come you can an announcement at a naval base be racist but referring to an audience as "lily white" not be?  Just wondering.
  • Romney's slogan "Obama is Not Working" is also racist of course because well, you get the drift.  But what if he isn't?  What else can you say?  "Mitt Romney Can Do Better"?  But then aren't you just saying that a white man is superior to a non-white man?  I wonder if people have also attacked his uber-positive  "Believe in America" slogan as well.  Yup, they have.  That of course is racist too because it infers that Obama doesn't believe in America or something.  It's just one more code to get the racist white people to the polls.
  • And even before Romney entered the picture, it was hard to criticize Obama for anything without being branded a racist.  Apparently even calling him a "socialist" is code which is weird because when I think of socialists I think of Europeans with long greasy hair and possibly John Lennon glasses and a Trotsky goatee.  Then of course, it's also been called racist to refer to Obama by his full name Barack Hussein Obama.  How can his name be racist?  It's the name of him and his father for heaven's sake.  What if we call him Barack "Insane in the Membrane" Obama, is that okay?  Or is linking him with the pot smoking Cypress Hill group also racist?  Then of course it was also racist to question him on his racist pastor of 20 years, Reverend Wright.  I kind of think that if Romney was in a church where the pastor publicly said something about damning black people, that he would be questioned about his attendance.  Just a thought.
Anyway, as you can see, these thought police have no shame.  You can't say anything against Obama, no matter how innocuous without someone thinking you are just being racist, completely poisoning political discourse.  Post-racial my tuchus.

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