Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Family Forum

Here is the complete video from the Thanksgiving Family Forum which included all of the major GOP candidates except for Romney and Huntsman (okay, he is a bit borderline). This wasn't the usual policy debate as they actually spent a lot of time talking about religion, morality and their personal journeys. It was actually quite fascinating even if you aren't personally religious. Take a look. It's a very long video and the candidates don't show up until the 37 minute mark (which is when I started viewing) but it's worth it.

I think Newt did a very good job talking about his personal redemption and a lot of social conservatives who may have been wavering on him will probably feel more comfortable now. Bachmann, Perry and Santorum are clearly the most socially conservative candidates out there which everyone has already known. While their, especially Santorum's, performances were good, they probably didn't broaden their appeal much as they might have been a bit over the top (especially Bachmann and Santorum). Cain just can't get a break. In an answer about abortion legislation in which he thought he was saying he would sign anything that restricted abortion that crossed his desk, it actually came across that he would be very passive on the issue.

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