Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Are We Doing Nothing on Iran?

So the IAEA report on Iran has come and gone and it really looks like we are just going to let Iran get nukes, despite the fact there is clear evidence that Iran is working on nuclear weapons and has the raw material to produce about 4 warheads (enough to annihilate much of Israel).  Even the usual talk of sanctions is halfhearted at best, as the Obama administration is refusing to go after the Iranian oil and gas industry because it's a "sensitive" issue. So because we are worried about Iran's 2 million barrels per day coming off the market, we are willing to let a genocidal regime get nuclear weapons?  Maybe if Obama wasn't so against drilling in our own territory and offshore, we could be in a position to make up at least part of the difference and do what is in our best interest.  The incompetency of this administration is really all encompassing.  Hopefully, there will still be time for his successor to right the wrongs that he has committed, though I doubt it.  Heck, we still haven't been able to undo all the wrongs that Carter committed (like letting the Shah fall in the first place). 

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