Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carly Fiorina answers the "anchor baby" question much better than Cruz

Obviously, I wasn't a fan of Ted Cruz's answer with regards to birthright citizenship last night on the Megyn Kelly show.  I really preferred Carly Fiorina's answer much better on the same show a week prior (though granted, Megyn Kelly was on vacation at the time).  She answered it directly and you knew exactly where she stands on the 14th amendment (she probably talked about it since childhood as her father was the noted conservative jurist, Judge Sneed).


MACCALLUM: All right. So, now you have basically Donald Trump and Ben Carson sounding the same tune saying that it shouldn't happen, that people shouldn't cross the border, have a baby and then get the benefits of being in this country, that we should package up those families so we're not separating them and send them back where they came from. What do you say?

FIORINA: You know, what I have been saying for a long time now, long before Donald Trump declared his candidacy actually is that immigration is a festering problem that we talk about every election cycle and yet somehow it never gets fixed. First we need to secure the border. It takes money, it takes manpower, it takes technology but mostly apparently it takes leadership and political will power. And it is our job to secure our border because a nation that cannot secure its border cannot protect its sovereignty. Secondly, we need to fix the legal immigration system which has been broken for as long as the border has been insecure about 25 years. And by fixing the legal immigration system what I mean is that half the people who are here illegally came on a legal visa and overstayed it. We didn't know and we didn't do anything about it. We are handing out border crossing cards every day on the Mexican border which permits someone to come for one day and we never check to see if they go home. We don't have an employer verification system that works. It needs to be mandatory. We need to close down these sanctuary cities so they can't flout the law. All of that needs to happen and then we need to decide what should happen with those who have come here illegally and stayed here illegally. And in my view, they do not earn a pathway to citizenship. Perhaps someday they can earn some kind of legal status but they can't be citizens because there has to be consequence for people who have done it the right way. Take in the oath, learn our history.

MACCALLUM: Well, let me ask you this in terms of the anchor baby issue and the birthright that anyone who is born here becomes an American citizen, it's in the constitution. Is that something we should change in your opinion?

FIORINA: No. It is not. It is in our constitution, it has been in our constitution for a very long time. And actually, it would take a constitutional amendment to change it. And so once again what I find disturbing about this conversation a little bit is that we talk about things in election cycles but don't really talk about what it would take to get them done. It would take a constitutional amendment to get that done. And I think it is far more important now that we focus all of our political energy on doing what we haven't done in 25 years, securing the border and fixing the legal immigration system.

Jen Rubin actually had a nice way to describe Carly Fiorina's appeal, which I agree with:

Fiorina is the thinking man and woman’s outsider. She eschews harebrained ideas (e.g. rounding up illegal immigrants). She acknowledges anger but does not stoke it. 

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