Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wow, people really hate Jeb

The new CNN national poll came out this morning and the topline results aren't terribly surprising, pretty similar to the Fox poll.  The biggest differences were that Jeb and Rubio were slightly higher but Carson and Cruz were slightly lower than in the Fox poll.  However, what stood out for me were the favorable/unfavorables for Jeb which are pretty much as bad as for Trump. 

That's kind of shocking that Jeb is so underwater.  Calling him mild mannered puts it, well, mildly.  And it's not like one demographic is just anti-Jeb, if you look at the detail, every group except for the elderly, conservatives and Republicans, pretty much hate him and those are really just mildly positive on him.

Men, women, whites, non-whites, those under 65, independents and moderates just basically hate him by wide margins.  I guess the question is, given he has the same favorables as Trump, how come Trump is doing so much better than he?  Probably because Trump is bold and has swagger and gets SOME people excited.  I don't think you can look at Jeb and get excited. About anything.  The only reason he does well against Hillary in head to head polls is probably because nobody likes her either.

Carly Fiorina, on the other hand, though relatively unknown seems to be pretty well liked by most demographics, except of course for liberals and democrats.  She even comes in even among non-whites, which would be great for a Republican.

I realize that 39% of Americans have never heard of her and once the opposition research starts in earnest, these numbers could change.  But so far the new negative stuff that I have seen isn't that big of a deal, it's really just meant to get people's underwear in a bunch on Twitter.  Michelle Bachmann (who was leading in the national polls for part of the summer of 2011) attacked Carly Fiorina for praising Muslims two weeks after 9/11.  If you read her speech, she praised muslim civilization between the years 800-1600, must be a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer.  Then there was the things she said about vaccines, which basically boils down to her saying that kids should be kept out of school if they don't have certain vaccines but not others, that it should be based on the disease.  Hardly a vaccine truther.  And then of course is the video of her praising Hillary which was while she was a surrogate for McCain.  If you remember, she was a surrogate for McCain who was facing Obama and was probably trying to woo some bitter Hillary supporters over to McCain.  Even if that wasn't the case, do we really have to hate everyone who is a Democrat?  I'd have to reduce my film viewing and music listening by 80-90% if that is the case.  So all the recent stuff being dug up on her is really pretty lame.  That said, she will have to answer for her HP tenure and laying off 30,000 workers but I think if she can communicate a positive vision for what she will do to increase the job prospects for the people of this country, I think they may look past that.  After all, as President she can't exactly lay you off (unless you work for the Federal government of course but then you'd probably vote for the Democrat anyway).

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