Monday, August 17, 2015

Some interesting tidbits from the Fox News Poll of the GOP race

The latest Fox News national poll was interesting besides the headline number, though that was interesting in itself (it had Trump, Carson and Cruz in the top 3 spots, with Bush, Walker and Paul bleeding support). 

Some of the other questions they asked though really piqued my interest.  First, who did the best and who did the worst in the debates?  If you remember, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio were lauded for winning the primetime debate while Carly Fiorina won the happy hour debate.  Time has changed people's perceptions somewhat with Trump now getting the highest number of people saying he did the best (19%) but conversely also the highest number of people saying he did the worst (32%), which was a question not asked previously.  Kasich also seems to have snuck into the list of top performances with few people disliking him.  Conversely, Rand Paul is now viewed as being a disaster:

And here is the data on likeability.  Ben Carson and Marco Rubio both lead in net likeability ratings as a number view them as the most likeable candidate in the field and nobody thinks they are the least likeable.  Trump, on the other hand, has 16% calling him the most likeable and a whopping 37% calling him the least likeable, a number 4 times greater than that of Chris Christie, who in my opinion as a NJ resident is very unlikeable:

And finally, people were asked who was the most and least qualified to hold the office of President.  It's no surprise that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are near the top but it is a surprise that Marco Rubio is as well. Rubio, after all, is a first term Senator yet gets higher ratings on this question than another one term Senator, Ted Cruz as well as a sitting Governor with a record of getting things done, Scott Walker (people are just not into him I guess).  Note that 52% say Donald Trump is unqualified for the job, with 40% say he is not at all qualified.  The other political newcomers, Carson and Fiorina, only score in the high teens on the "not at all qualified" question.

So we'll see what happens.  Trump is leading but he has off the charts hate aimed at him from approximately 40-50% of the Republican electorate, that's pretty amazing.  When the field starts thinning out, he won't be leading for long. 

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