Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Carly Fiorina Would Seek to Replace Boehner and McConnell If They Don't Produce Results

For those of you who think she is a shill for the establishment, check out this segment from her excellent interview with Hugh Hewitt:

HH: Now you and I, we know that part of the Donald’s appeal comes from people who are just angry at Washington, D.C. You and I went down to Kentucky to campaign for Mitch McConnell, because we wanted to get a Senate majority to get stuff done. And so we went to the heart of establishment Republicanism, and with Bobby Jindal, campaigned with the leader, and glad he won, and I think he’s a good man. What do you think of the anger that is directed at the leadership both in the senate, and especially Speaker Boehner?

CF: Well, I think the anger is completely understandable. The frustration is completely understandable. And I share that frustration, because people, to your point, Hugh, people worked incredibly hard, not just you and I, but tens of thousands of activists worked really hard to finally put us in a position where we not only had a historic majority in the House, but where we finally had a majority in the Senate. And change was promised, and people don’t see change. And so I think now, you know, it’s a leader’s job to produce results. And so I think the leadership in both the Senate and the House need to start producing results. 

HH: Or?

CF: Well, or if leaders don’t produce results, they need to step aside. And I’m prepared to give them a little time to produce results, but they need to produce them. And you know, we have this issue sitting in front right now. I mean, it started with the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection act, which was inexplicably pulled from the House floor way back in February. It shouldn’t have been. This is great politics as well as great policy. The majority of the American people support it. And now we have these Planned Parenthood videos, and I think what the Planned Parenthood videos represent is a window of opportunity to have a different conversation with the American people about the character of our nation. And so I hope the leadership will take advantage of this window of opportunity.

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