Friday, August 14, 2015

What next for Carly?

According to an interview with Jennifer Rubin, it's government reform:

She says next up will be a speech on government reform. For Fiorina, that’s where reform has to start. “There is no lack of good ideas. There are binders of good ideas at AEI, Cato and Heritage. The problem is they never get done.” It’s her willingness to root out government incompetence, corruption and waste — and her non-government background — that may be her best calling card with the base. Unlike Trump, however, she projects level-headedness, maturity and focus. And unlike the mogul’s real estate dealing, her background both in IT and in advisory roles on defense and intelligence turns out to be quite relevant. No wonder she is drawing huge crowds.
Of course I love the fact that she gave a shout out to my old employer, the Cato Institute, which certainly has tons of market-based ideas for governmental reform.

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