Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I love Kurt Schlichter's takedown of Trump supporters

You gotta read the whole thing, here is just a snippet:

There were plenty of other folks up on those stages who were better than Trump. There were plenty of people in the audience better than Trump. They were wearing shoes that would make better presidents than Trump.

But you Trumpsters don’t care. He’s not a serious candidate, even to you; he’s a mere receptacle carrying your anger and frustration. He deserves credit for forcing the issue of illegal immigration to the forefront – for a time. But because Trump cares nothing about illegal immigration – if you actually listened to what he says instead of luxuriating in how he makes you feel, you’d see he’s still foursquare in favor of amnesty – the debate didn’t focus on immigration. It focused on Trump – how Trump feels about himself, how he feels about people who ask him questions, and more about how he feels about himself.

If you are still for Trump, you’re a sucker. A fool. A mark taken by a political grifter who has cunningly exploited both your legitimate rage and your inability to respond to the myriad outrages the establishment has heaped upon you with anything but inarticulate anger.

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