Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Carly is #3 in New Hampshire!

I know "we're number 3!" isn't much of a rallying cry but considering she was polling at 1% just a month ago, I'd say 10% is pretty good progress.  I know she is still well behind Trump but the good news is that she comes in second when people are asked who would your second choice be, only 1% behind Ben Carson.  So when the race consolidates she may be in a good position to gain votes from people who just lost their candidate.  Assuming of course she has a ground game but I have no idea how that is coming along.  I do admit I am disappointed with her website, there is really not much to do there but donate and get on their mailing lists.  Where's the store?  Or any state based co-ordination?  I'm assuming she was on a shoe-string budget until recently but still I'd like to see more there.

On Trumpmentum, I think people are going to grow tired of his meandering way of speaking where it's clear he hasn't thought through a lot of what he says.  We'll see what happens in the 2nd debate.  I bet the RNC wishes there were MORE debates this year as that would give Trump more chances to blow himself (up).


  1. Carlyforamerica.com is much better.

    1. Thanks! Weird that her official site isnt better than one for an advocacy group that supports her. Either way, thanks! Just put in for my bumper sticker