Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interesting Iowa Poll on the Caucuses and Who They Thought Won the Debates

Suffolk University came out with an interesting poll of likely Iowa voters on who they thought they would vote for in the caucuses and who they thought won the debates:

Trump still leads but Walker is within spitting distance and Carly is creeping up.  Jeb just ain't doing well and Rand Paul is doing incredibly bad and is probably getting desperate (he looked desperate during the debate as well).  Now on to who they thought won the afternoon debate:

No shocker that Carly clearly won but the margin is pretty amazing.  It's also telling that Rick Perry, who came in 2nd, has stopped paying his campaign staff.  The others should probably go too, after all if you can't beat Rick Perry in a debate, how are you ever going to win the nomination?  And now the primetime debate:

Marco Rubio and Ben Carson are essentially tied though I think Ben Carson only got there because of his prepared closing remarks rather than the actual debate.  I'm a bit surprised that Jeb is so low as I thought he did a decent enough job but if this is truly what people think, he's in trouble in Iowa and other areas as well.  It's kind of funny that the people who had one of the most memorable exchanges in the debate, Christie and Rand Paul both did horribly on this question.  I guess people don't like sniping as Marco Rubio and Ben Carson both had pretty positive showings.

Judging by this, I think we might get a few dropouts by the September debate or maybe soon after if they don't turn around their ship.

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