Thursday, August 27, 2015

We need a fighter like Carly Fiorina in the White House

She really is impressive.  Here is some of what she said last night on the Hugh Hewitt Show:

HH: Now let me ask the bigger question – China and its markets. Scott Walker this week called for President Obama to cancel the state visit of President Xi. Donald Trump said “No. Hold it, and negotiate it better.” What does Carly Fiorina say?

CF: Well look. First, I think we need to understand that China is undergoing a very difficult time. They’ve made a bargain with their people, and the bargain is we will grow this economy and lift millions of you out of poverty and in return, you’re going accept oppression, censorship, terrible safety standards, and killing pollution. And when that bargain begins to break down as it is when they can’t grow their economy, the government is under huge pressure. Now is the time for us to put pressure on them. And I would pressure on them in the follow way: I would be conducting big fly-overs right now in these disputed territories in the South China Sea. We cannot permit China to control those. I would be giving the Japanese and the Australians the technology they’ve asked for and make sure the Chinese know it. That the Australians and Japanese can join us in patrolling the South China Sea and that trade route to which five trillion dollars worth of goods and services flows every year. To guarantee that China cannot control that trade route. And I would keep the visit, and I would negotiate very hard on two issues: number one, you cannot our nation through cyberattacks with impunity. And number two, we will never permit you to control this trade route, and you need to stop building your military bases. Actually now is the time to put pressure on China when their economy is faltering.


HH: Alright, so that’s clear. Now that means Joe Biden is getting serious because I think the vice president sees what you and I see which is a torpedoed campaign that is sinking rather rapidly. Can you beat Joe Biden because he’s America’s favorite “crazy uncle?”

CF: Absolutely. Absolutely. Look, we should not be confused. Whoever their nominee is – crazy, gentle Joe Biden or Hilary Clinton – we have to have the nominee who’s going to fight. Who’s going to fight and throw every punch. I will. People are coming to learn that about me. It’s why it’s where I’ve been in the polls. Joe Biden is going to have to stand up and defend a terrible track record of the Obama administration. He is the heir to that legacy. He is the heir to every foreign policy failure. He is the heir to billions poor women and African-Americans falling into poverty. He is the heir to worsening income inequality. He is the heir to a terrible economic recovery – the worst ever. He is the legitimate heir to the Obama administration. Frankly, I look forward to that fight.

HH: Now I want to go back to South Korea because I discussed it with Donald Trump as well. He hints at withdrawing the twenty-eight thousand troops and reducing the military burden. I asked if South Korea and Japan ought to be encouraged to go nuclear to shoulder their burden. He didn’t really answer me. What do you think about that, Carly Fiorina?

CF: First of all, I disagree. We should not be withdrawing troops from South Korea. In fact, now is the time for us to be building up our military. We need to have the strongest military on the face of the planet. Everybody has to know it, so I actually would be leaving our forces in South Korea. I would be encouraging Japan – not to become a nuclear power – I don’t think we should be encouraging nuclear proliferation. It’s why the Iran deal is such a terrible deal as you and I have talked about and why we have to cut off the money flow to Iran which I will do. But, the point is, our Japanese and South Korean allies need to see leadership and support and resolve from us. We should not ever trust North Korea or the Chinese for that matter will not try and take advantage of the situation if we leave South Korea or Japan weakened. The truth is, there is a lot of technology that the Japanese, the South Koreans, the Filipinos, and the Australians are asking for from us to help them be more assertive in the region. To push back against China that is not a nuclear weapon. That that would be extremely helpful and I think we should be providing it.

HH: Last question, Carly Fiorina. Donald Trump has said that we cannot be the world’s policeman. Do you agree with that or disagree with that?

CF: We must be the world’s leader. We must the world’s leader. Only the United States of America can lead in this world. When we do not lead, the world is a very dangerous and a a very tragic place. When we do not lead, our allies lose courage. When we do not lead, our adversaries press forward.

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