Monday, August 10, 2015

Face Facts: Trump Supporters are Often as Incoherent as He Is

Last night, instead of focusing on True Detective, I ended up getting into a bit of a flame war on Twitter with some Donald Trump supporters.  Oh my, those people have no clue and you really couldn't pin them down on anything.  Ask a simple question like "how do you know Trump will govern as a conservative?" and the responses you get are "do your homework", "you're not very bright are you" and "Trump/Cruz is the only hope for this country".  The last is would only be true if your hope is for a historic route of the Republican Party.  Even with his sky high GOP poll numbers and near 100% name recognition, Trump trails Hillary in election matchups by 15% according to RCP.  Cruz, who used to be though of as a bomb thrower but next to Trump looks calm and diplomatic, is behind Hillary by almost 8 points (though I'm not meaning this post to criticize Cruz, he is actually the Republican I agree most with, I just know I wouldn't be able to get elected either).  After all, I know that Trump wants to outdo Mitt Romney but I don't think that offending more than 47% of the population is the right goal to have.  Between his "blood" comments and his comments with regards to hispanics, he has offended at least 60% of the population.  Also you have to wonder whether in the minds of these people if a Cruz/Paul or Fiorina/Rubio ticket would mean the end of this country as we know it?

Another question is do Trump supporters have any idea who Trump really is or are they just so caught up in the cult of personality that they would kill Sharon Tate if he asked them to.  All the Trump supporters I was arguing with last night had "Jesus", "God" or "Christian" in their descriptions, which I find rather surprising.  Can you think of a GOP candidate who is more the opposite of what Jesus represents than Donald Trump?  He is foul-mouthed, thin-skinned, unforgiving and probably has committed adultery in every single one of his marriages multiple times.  He would never die for your sins given he won't even admit the ones he makes himself!  He's also said that he has never asked God for forgiveness

Also, every single person had the word "conservative" in their description as well.  Trump left the GOP in 1999 to join the Reform Party and did so poorly in their primary that he came in behind Pat Buchanan and John Hagelin, the meditation guru.  Did he go back to the Republican Party then?  Nope, he became a Democrat!  That means that he looked at people like Al Gore, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and thought, eh, they're a pretty good lot, I'm going with them.  He only became a Republican 5 years ago!  Other than building a giant wall with Mexico, can you be certain of anything that he will do?  My guess is that he would try to usurp as much power for the executive as possible, even more than Obama and then use government power to its limit.  Think Juan Peron with a horrible haircut.

Trump and his supporters really give the GOP a bad name.

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